Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Looks like OHP is trying out a new bike

Saw a Highway Patrolman out earlier on a bike I didn't recognize and stopped to talk. They're trying out the BMW 1200RT. Said that they're two weeks into a 8-week trial and he's finished: he wants one.

From what he said, especially on highway it beats the pants off the Harleys they've been using.


JohnOC said...

Local cops in the Phoenix area have been using that bike for a few years. Guess H-D is getting competed with for that market in the US.

Firehand said...

Couple of years back they bought some Hayabusa speed bikes for the interstate troops; I think one of the reasons they dropped them is that after an hour or two they're damned uncomfortable. This looks a LOT more comfortable with similar performance.

AM said...

I wonder how those BMWs stack up against the Honda ST1300s.

I'm pretty impressed with Honda V4 engines.