Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lessons learned

On my part, anyway.
Specifically, 'get out of the way' prep in the event of, oh, some of those twirly windstorms that are dancing* around today and tonight.

I keep a 'get home' pack in the truck, and it also has the emergency stuff(first-aid kit, axe, rope, etc.); but watching the weather situation deteriorate and thinking about if needed to saddle up and go, some things came to mind: the Security Staff.
I knew where the leashes were, but it took a bit to find their collars(if I leave them on when they're in the yard, they pull them off each other and eat them. Literally.) And, just to be on the safe side, added a couple of bottles of water.

Food? Need to either have a large jug I can fill up, or a small bag to leave sealed(in the case of having to bug out on other matters I plan on taking the container with ALL their food).

Couple of other things came to mind, jtbotss, and I got them either loaded or ready to load. Having the lead time we did, I'd have been able to throw the last few in, grab the dogs and go. I'm making a list to do some thinking on. In the case of weather like this I'll either be able to come back later that day or- worst case- find new accomodations while rebuilding; I need a better prepared 'go' plan for the 'can come back later' situations.

*with spike-soled boots


Sean D Sorrentino said...

about the only thing we have specifically prepped is the old school carry on bag loaded with 5 days of dog food individually packed in 10 ziploc bags. (1 dog, 2 x per day = 10 bags) That's the bag we store her meds and her spare leash. I figure that with all the other running around I'd do in an emergency bail, at least the dog will have food.

Sailorcurt said...

You're dogs are smart alecs.

They're both sticking they're tongues out at you.

Firehand said...

Yeah. When I took that I told them to 'sit', took the shot and didn't know they'd done that until I looked at it on the pc.

og said...

A 7 gallon bucket will hold a small bag of dogfood unopened, a pair of leashes and collars, and a couple fo containers of water, with a dish. You can buy those silicone "baking" bowls that are flexible and will fold up, and still make a great dog dish.