Saturday, May 28, 2011

So this is the 'elite' SWAT team that murdered Jose Guerena

First, Mr. Guerena’s weapon, contrary to initial accounts by the SWAT team, was never taken off of safety. The team took no shots from him. Second, the team mills around for a while before breaching the home. Third, they don’t form into a stack. Fourth, absurdly, they knock and allow only four seconds for a response. Fifth, one of the members falls in the doorway. Sixth, upon shots being fired (by the SWAT team), more than one team member begins backing away from the incident. Seventh, one of the team members who initially backed away moves forward to fire shots over the heads of other team members who are in the home (it’s a wonder that SWAT team members didn’t get shot by their own team). All the while, several team members are standing aimlessly outside the home, doing nothing. Then to top it all off, even though medical responders arrived within minutes, they weren’t allowed into the home for one hour and fourteen minutes.

The Sheriff may as well have sent the Keystone Cops to raid the home. These clowns shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near weapons.
Further commentary at Captain's Journal; be sure to read Update #2.

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Carteach0 said...

What they behaved like.... is a bunch of people who fully expected to be breaking down the door of an innocent and unarmed family who could and would not resist the attack.

What they did NOT behave like... is a team who thought they were breaking into a building with armed criminals.

This video tells a story that far outweighs the actual incident.