Friday, April 08, 2011

If you arrest someone and have their camera in your vehicle

it might behoove you to either watch what you're saying or turn it off:
After the women were released without charge, and the camera returned to them, the women discovered the recording of the Garda conversation. This included the GardaĆ­ talking about threatening to rape one of the women in their custody. They also talk about whether they should bother adhering to safety procedures for removing protesters from heights: the Sergeant advocates ignoring the rules learned in Garda training.

So now it's admitted they're studying the possibility of American boots on the ground in Libya*; and the UN is running airstrikes in Ivory Coast. Getting busy as hell blowing things up, aren't they?

I don't remember the idiots name, but a couple of weeks ago some guy with Obama's buttkissers was lecturing people that inflation wasn't a problem because 'you can buy a new iPod that's more capable for the same price as the old model!' and someone replied "You can't eat an iPod."
Fuel and food prices have been defined out of the calculation of “core inflation” by the the Fed. Excluding food and fuel from the accounts means measuring demand in categories for which demand has shrunk because less disposable income is left over. By measuring only non-food and non-fuel prices, policymakers can make the argument that inflation is actually stable or going down.

That may convince the press, but it may not convince the public. Inflation is the one piece of news that the administration’s allies in the media cannot conceal. The daily news from the supermarket cash register speaks, and the gas station is more eloquent than anything that the New York Times can print
You noticed higher prices on damn near everything lately? So have I. But Obama says we just need to buy a new car(ever see a President actually shill for a company in a speech before?) and they've rigged the reporting to try to minimize notice of the problem. Wonderful what you can do when the major media has their nose up your ass.

The DHS is involved in microstamping arguments? Especially bad since they don't seem to have a damned idea what they're talking about:
Only semi-automatic handguns can leave micro-stamps: Revolvers cannot because their bullets have no shell casings.
Thanks to Uncle for pointing to this display of ignorance.

Speaking of ignorance, and a general desire to run peoples lives, Orrin Hatch apparently has decided that all that terrorism and crime stuff is under control, so Holder needs to go after porn.

So the animal rights assholes are targeting college students; that's likely to backfire on them. Possibly literally.

I'm going to close this with a demonstration of idiocy and overreaction that's almost breathtaking, especially from Texas. No good way to excerpt from this.

*So far as the military working it out, they pretty much have to; 'ready for anything' and so forth. I'm wondering how much crap Obama is getting for it being openly spoken of?


Sigivald said...

I'm going to repeat my comment here, on the "microstamping" thing.

The source he links to is not the DHS.

It's a private aggregator selling ads for "homeland security" related stuff; "HomelandSecurityNewsWire" is not part of the DHS.

Their problems are numerous, but this isn't one of 'em.

It's a matter of good form and basic rigor to defend the DHS from spurious criticism, and this is one of those cases; I'm kinda surprised that the guy over there didn't realise that just because there's the words "homeland security" in the name, doesn't mean it's a Government publication.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the fuel and food/CPI thing, don't forget that they do include the cost of housing in it. And what have house prices been doing for the past two years?

Windy Wilson said...

Of course, too, the government has a vested interest in keeping the official, indexed, CPI down, as that drives increases in the entitlement checks the government has to write. This has Conflict of Interest written all over it, and in gigantic letters, to mix metaphors.

The CPI has been a bogus number since about 1988 when I was doing cost estimating in an un-named Aerospace company, and we noticed that in 1989 the inflation factors were 1/2 to 1/3 of the previous years.