Saturday, April 09, 2011

"Yes, we will approve you having a missile defense system BUT

only if we have veto power over you using it." So say the Russians. And, as Ace says, you get the sick feeling the Obama administration wouldn't have a problem with that.

"I'm Lindsey Graham, and a don't really approve of this message but I do agree with it."

Mass murder at a school in Brazil, and the murderer had some religious tendencies that the media doesn't really want to talk about.
"He was so focused on things related to Islam and had let his beard grow long. He was weird, he was on the internet all day reading related issues and it was very strange, very secretive," she said.

Wellington left a letter with disconnected sentences, but with fundamentalist tendencies, said Lt. Col. Djalma Beltrame, commander of Battalion 14.

"He was on the internet using Muslim sites... It's crazy. Only a crazy person could do this to children, said the commander..."

I really don't want to hear another damned word from Sen. Schumer(Sorry Asshole-NY) about 'openness' or 'bad Republicans':
But as we reported on April 4th, the Senate was bait and switched into adopting this resolution. The no-fly language cited by the DOJ was inserted after an earlier clean draft had been circulated. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) then pushed for passage of the resolution before any version of the resolution was made public. The Senate never debated the no-fly language and no roll call vote was taken.

The Obama administration is urging Congress not to adopt legislation that would impose constitutional safeguards on Americans’ e-mail stored in the cloud.
Because HopeyChangeyPants and his minions want to be able to read our mail without all that troublesome warrant stuff.

A rare World War Two German bomber, shot down over the English Channel in 1940 and hidden for years by shifting sands at the bottom of the sea, is so well preserved a British museum wants to raise it.
Some neat sonar shots at the link.

What? Wind power isn't what it was cracked up to be? Whoda thunk it?
A new analysis of wind energy supplied to the UK National Grid in recent years has shown that wind farms produce significantly less electricity than had been thought, and that they cause more problems for the Grid than had been believed.
In general, then, one should assume that a wind farm will generate no more than 25 per cent of maximum capacity over time (and indeed this seems set to get worse as new super-large turbines come into service). Even over a year this will be up or down by a few per cent, making planning more difficult.
Unfortunately given all this, the ROC(
renewables obligation certificates) scheme is on an escalator: the amount of ROCs an end-use 'leccy supplier must obtain will rise to 15.4 per cent of megawatt-hours supplied in 2014, up from 10.4 per cent last year. The effect of this is to provide the large extra funds a wind farm needs to compete with thermal generation, by driving up electricity prices for the user: The ROC scheme is a stealth tax which appears neither on the electricity bill nor the Treasury accounts.
You really need to RTWT, and then pass it along to every wind-power fanatic you know. Just to watch them either explode in outrage or their heads explode. Both if you're lucky.

And, from where Great Britain used to be,
The commanding officers of all three Para battalions received letters telling them they were “in the zone for possible redundancy”. One officer heard the news only hours after returning from a patrol fighting the Taliban.

A similar letter was sent to the officer in line to become the next head of Britain’s Special Forces. He fought with the SAS in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The three Para commanders are completing six-month tours in Afghanistan, where one has been shot by insurgents. Another is likely to be decorated for leadership in combat.

The prospect of sacking the Army’s most experienced combat commanders led to warnings that military morale would suffer and intensified the Coalition’s political embarrassment over defence cuts.

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