Thursday, April 07, 2011

Remember the name H-S Precision?

Remember them using an endorsement from 'Shoot the lady in the face' Horiuchi in their catalog?

They either didn't learn anything from the reaction, or they're actually the kind of bastards you just don't want to buy from:
A couple months later, someone was dumb enough to give me media credentials for the 2009 NRA Convention. This made me obnoxiously full of myself, so I felt it appropriate to commit an act of journalism. I sought out the H-S Precision display at the convention, and tried to get some clarification on just what in the blue hades happened that they picked such a poorly thought out mascot, especially since he was the only endorsement in that particular catalog.

The H-S Precision representative, the man in charge of putting out a positive image of the company, told me red in the face with anger, that Vickie Weaver deserved to be shot simply because she was there.

I honestly wish I was making that up.
I doubt I'll be able to run out and pick up a new boomstick on April 15, but if I can it damn well will have nothing on it from this company.


skidmark said...

Was there some reason that this was not reported/commented on back in 2009? Or did I just miss it?

Publishing an endorsement from a murderer was considered at the time to be as close to committing corporate suicide as a company might go and still survive. This ought to, once it makes the rounds, complete the act.

stay safe.

Firehand said...

The mess over the endorsement ran over the gunblogs at the time, Lawdog's reaction was about typical. And some people got downright nasty about it.