Friday, March 04, 2011

Ref the 'public right to know' bullcrap on firearms permits

in IL, a new thought from DouT:
It's very convenient that the AG office released this decision just as Concealed Carry is gaining serious momentum in the capitol. Then the bill to prevent the release gets stalled 5-5 in committee w/ no updates on the votes on the web site even though they have been updating the increasing numbers of cosponsors. I'm sure her daddy had nothing to do w/ it.

This is classic Chicago politics in action. Madigan et al are not working for the people. They are working to keep their own power base.
Wouldn't surprise me at all.

From the first link, something that really pisses me off:
“Therefore, even if disclosure of the names and expiration of the (Firearm Owner’s Identification Card) card owners did constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy, this fact is outweighed by the public interest that exists in ensuring the integrity of the (police) database,” he wrote.
First, you can't just paper over the 'unwarranted invasion' problem by saying "But I think we should anyway."
Second, how the HELL is releasing this supposed to help 'ensure the integrity of the database'? Absolute effing bullshit, and Assistant Public Access Counselor Matthew Rogina is a friggin' dirtbag and tool to try to excuse this with that nonsense.

But it is Illinois, after all, and it appears none of the corrupt bastards like the peasants doing things the bastards don't like.

I will admit I was surprised the IL State Police are fighting this; whether they're scared of the consequences or someone up top has the balls to stand up for the right, I don't know, but glad they're fighting this.

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Unknown said...

So, if a battered woman flees her abusive ex-husband or possessive boyfriend, starts a life of her own, buys a gun to defend herself against the creep, now that same creep might potentially be able to check with the AP’s little list to see if she’s armed or not? Wonderful….

What a potential goldmine for stalkers, interested in causing harm to single women they notice in the neighborhood, they can check with the ol’ AP first to see if their intended victim has an FOID card or not, first.

Lisa Madigan, the blood will be on your hands…stupid twat.