Saturday, March 05, 2011

Keith points out the BBC has noticed Gunwalker,

and the report seems oddly biased toward BATFE and the JD.

I wonder why...


Keith said...

There seems to be a subtle meme deflection going on too.

When Mike and David started blogging about this, there seemed to be evidence that part of the conspiracy was to increase the numbers of guns getting traced back to the US, apparently to support the BATFEkers' requests for increased funding, to stop the very thing which they were facilitating.

This was the equivalent of firemen committing arson and burning people in the process.

That part of the story seems to have disappeared.

On the wider point of geting the story out,

John R Lott Jr is covering the story, and his son, Maxim (who's only about 18!) was one of the first to get the story into the broadcast media, with an op-ed piece for Fox.

Jeff, at Alphecca, mentioned it in the last week, but his regular commenters are staying well clear of it.

Is Sebastian still minimizing the story?

Firehand said...

Last I looked he'd mentioned it once or twice, that's it