Tuesday, March 08, 2011

People like Horwitz cannot be trusted

From Josh Horwitz, ED of the Coalition to Stop Gun Ownership (or more likely his trained puppet Ladd Everitt):
" Following Hurricane Katrina, the NRA promoted a conspiracy theory about mass gun confiscati­ons in Katrina...­"

When this was refuted, CSGV employee 'Grits Jr.' opined:
The NRA had to hire private investigat­ors and located only 75 New Orleans residents (in a city with a pre-Katrin­a population of 450,000) that would claim their guns were confiscate­d.

So 'only' 75 people had their guns illegally confiscated (even though there were hundreds more not found) and the city was found in contempt of court for denying even that.

So what would be a 'mass confiscation' in the mind of a gun control advocate? 100? 200? What would it take for them to consider it to be 'unreasonable'?
These people will lie to you, and then try to say their lie doesn't actually count 'because'.


Anonymous said...

Moving the goalposts is the only way they can win.

Windy Wilson said...

So, 75 out of a "population" of 450,000 is insignificant? When ANY "gun crime" of any proportion is reason for confiscatory "reasonable restraints" on self defense?
Besides, the real proportion (as if it matters) is not the pre-Katrina population, but the post-Katrina population. If there were only 4,500 people remaining in the city, it is 100 times as bad as they pretend.
But the same principle of Constitutional rights ought to be applied to the Second Amendment as the First; ANY infringement is too much.