Saturday, March 12, 2011

The good thing:

it's been a flat beautiful day. Light wind, cool in the morning and warm now, partly cloudy.
The bad:
It makes you want to plant things. Even though you KNOW there's going to be at least one more solid freeze(usually upper 20's) before it's over.

I also have to note that it's been kind of dry, and on windy days like yesterday all it takes is a spark or one idiot with something hot to burn a chunk of the state down.

Ah, Spring, thou art a heartless bitch(to paraphrase Sheldon).


Jennifer said...

Today has been gorgeous. Saw some neighbors out planting things. Also saw far too many convertibles with their tops up. Days like today are perfect for rag tops. But they must be kept down!

Firehand said...

Also good is the ladies are more out in shorts and skirts

Good from my point of view, at least

Keith said...

The weather in Ireland today, high 30s F, windy and heavy rain, some of it with lumps of global warming.

The cars have fern patterns on them tonight.

I hope that radioactive crap gets rained out over the sea, long before it gets to the US.

Back when Chernobyl flavour rain was falling over Europe, the guys who were out testing silage bales near Sellafield got some very high readings.

Trouble was, those bales were from the summer before Chernobyl.

The MSM has never run the story, but the guys who did the sampling will admit it when they realise that they're talking to someone who already knows the story.

I wonder what odd places radiation hotspots will be found in in the US, now that there is an excuse to go out and measure, and something outside the US to blame it on?