Saturday, March 12, 2011

A couple of local politicians don't want to answer a question Updated again

The two in question are Charlie Swinton and Ed Shadid. The question: remembering that the Chief of Police and a couple of city councilmen said they liked the idea of forcing us peasants to register anything classed as an 'assault weapon', I wrote to both and asked
What is your opinion on this?

I've written twice; no answer from either of them either time.

So, the possibilities are
They're backed-up on questions and haven't see this e-mail(unlikely);
They don't think the question is worth answering(somewhat unlikely, and if this is it it pisses me off);
They figure whatever they answer they'll tick somebody off and don't have the guts to deal with that.

Update: came home from working on my heart health to find this reply from Swinton:
XXXX, I disagree with the police chief. Charlie
So I have a reply from one, good on him for answering.

Update 2: got a reply from Shadid this morning:
I apologize in the delay of response. I heard the comments by the Chief and Police and have been thinking a lot about it lately. We need to have a balance between public safety and the right to bear arms. Our constitution was designed to protect rights not take away from them. Let me know if I can ever be of service. Thanks for you questions.
Which says basically nothing, with a possible lean toward "Would registration be so bad?" So I just sent back 'Do you agree with the Police Chief?' We'll see what he says.
That kind of answer from a former governor is what started me in my ever-since low regard for politicians.

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