Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh, for God's sake

There's no excuse for this.
A stumbling Framingham SWAT officer accidentally fired his rifle and shot a beloved grandpa to death as he lay face-down on the floor of his own home, authorities admitted yesterday, sparking incredulous outrage by the 68-year-old retiree’s family.
Bad, right? Read:
“As he stepped to his left, (Duncan) lost his balance and began to fall over backwards,” the report states. “Officer Duncan realized that his right foot was off the floor and the tactical equipment that he was wearing was making his movements very awkward. While falling, Officer Duncan removed his left hand from his rifle, which was pointing down towards the ground and put his left arm out to try and catch himself. As he did so, he heard a shot.”
Yeah. 'Heard a shot' because he had the safety off and pulled the trigger. Either incompetence or stupidity or both.

This, to my mind, makes it even worse:
On Jan. 5, police were searching for Stamps’ stepson, Joseph Bushfan, when they served a warrant on Stamps’ home. Bushfan was arrested outside the home, allegedly carrying crack cocaine and money.

Officers then hit the home, throwing a stun grenade and ordering everyone inside to put their hands up and lie on the floor, the report states. Stamps, a grandfather of 12, had obeyed and was lying in the hallway when Duncan attempted to cuff and frisk him.
So they've already arrested the guy they were after; so I'm curious as to why they decided they still had to throw grenades and kick doors and all the other Special Ninja-Suit-Wearing Officer stuff? I'm hoping they actually HAD a damned reason other than "Because we can and wanted to."

No, I'm not much willing to give benefit of the doubt anymore on crap like this.

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