Saturday, March 12, 2011

I wondered why it'd be such a problem to interdict

the Libyan air forces; looks like it was sort-of planned that way.
There are no American supercarriers in the Mediterranean. None. A helicopter carrier and a support ship from the Fifth Fleet in Bahrain were deployed there last week. An Aegis cruiser and a guided missile destroyer arrived in the Eastern Med around March 1.

The UK just retired its carriers because of budget austerity. So, unless our EU allies allow American planes to attack Libya from their territory, a no-fly zone or other action is not an option.

Nor is the Med (and the Suez Canal) the only strategic choke-point which the Obama Administration has uncovered...


Keith said...

I really don't know about that country.

I'm not going to sing Ghedaffi Duck's praises, he's mad and he's bad.

But, is the alternative a Moslem Brotherhood regime with sharia farce and f**k-ups?

The north Africans and the Arabs haven't been capable of coming up with anything other than dictatorships or their monarchist equivalents. Perhaps they'll surprise us in a nice way this time, but I doubt it.

In Europe, the French bantam cock has flapped up to the top of his dunghill and crowed about air raids on Libya.

Gheddafi Duck has responded by threatening reprisals against - Italy.

As a bit of background, the Italians do not have a happy relationship with the French (who does?)

They still have running sores like most of the contents of the Louvre having been plundered from Italy by Napoleon, and the history of the French intervening in the Mid 19th century to prevent Italian unification, and to crush rebellion and hand the "Papal States" back to the pope.

To that we can add the usual French arrogance and perfidy.

Meanwhile, the French are refusing to help out with the migrants that are arriving in Italy's southern islands and which are now outnumbering their Italian populations, while they and the rest of Europe is demanding that the Italians don't ship them back to Africa.

It is slightly Ironic that Marine LePen, of the anti immigration French National Front (national socialist heavy), is the front runner in opinion polls for the French presidency...

KurtP said...

I can't see a supersonic missile really caring if it was fired from a 700MPH fighter or a 200MPH helicopter if it was locked on to a bad guy.

I think the problem isn't technical so much as what's not happening at 1600 Penn. Ave.