Friday, February 25, 2011

I think it was Steve at what used to be Hog on Ice who said

something like "Lots of lawyers are scum; so why does anyone think putting them in a black robe will change that?"
Ciavarella has told the media he never took bribe from anybody and has never wrongfully sentenced any teenager to juvenile detention. He was accused of receiving kickbacks from Robert K. Mericle, the builder and co-owner of two juvenile detention facilities in return for closing down the county's only juvenile detention center and sending teenage offenders to a private-run, for-profit facilities, sometimes for minor offenses. The former judge of Court of Common Pleas in Luzerne County has been accused of receiving $2.8 million as kickbacks.

The "kids for cash" case prompted the state Supreme Court to throw out thousands of convictions

Over to WI, this is what you get from a teacher?
“That’s your problem. You’re an entrepreneur, so you don’t work. You don’t know what work is until you get into an educational area. … You’re uneducated, unethical, immoral, and you don’t know what life is. That’s your problem. Why don’t you go behind that fence where you belong? Why don’t you go back with your own kind?” She said this indicating towards the bottom of the Capitol Steps, where a couple of hundred tea partiers were gathered listening to speeches
Bystander: “What did you mean when you said does he have any children that he claims?”

Lady in red: “Because he’s such a free spirit and an entrepreneur, I would assume that he’s not supporting children. …

(To Robinson:) You are a big-mouth take-care-of-yourself man. You don’t care about anyone.”
When I asked the lady in red why she was so incensed at Robinson, a man she had never spoken to in her life, she said “He comes here dressed to the nines, look at him. He is portraying someone not from this community.” She admitted that her assumption that this black man has children he doesn’t support was racist, but said “What I said is racist, but I am not a racist.”
'not from this community'. From a clown supported by thousands of bussed-in union clowns. Yeah.

Gee, the cost of oil affects things? Who- outside, apparently, of some of the idiots in this administration- would have thought it?
People actually paying for stuff, that's who.

The Weare Police Department needs to have its collective ass sued off, as that may be the only think that'll get the attention of these clowns. Speaking as someone who tends to have a 'toward the police' lean, when I see things like this
Police also claim dashboard camera videos of her arrest aren't available because the equipment wasn't working that night. Hipple said police don't have maintenance records to prove the cameras weren't working.
my sympathies go out the window.

Between the price of gas around here currently being $3.18, the cost of bloody everything going up/about to due to this and other fun idiocies, and not quite enough sleep, that's about all I can deal with on news today


Rev. Paul said...

Gas prices in Anchorage are now at $3.59 to $3.62 per gallon. $3.18 sounds pretty good to me.

Arthur said...

@ Paul: Make sure you check the timestamp on the post. It's probably jumped $0.50 across the board by now...

Keith said...

There's about a 3 cents a litre rise today.

The depot at Dublin port has been out of Diesel since this afternoon and it has only been allowing road tankers to take 15 tonnes a load, not the 40 tons they're capable of. There's not another ship due until Sunday.

I filled both cars yesterday.

Ireland has no oil of its own, so it has marginally more of an excuse.