Saturday, February 26, 2011

There is an idiot named Bobby Franklin in Georgia

who needs to be removed from the legislature if this is his level of brainpower.
His bill defines the beginning of life as the moment of conception and any person who ends that life shall be guilty of murder....period. Now...I am a very devout Catholic pro-life gal and I think abortions are wrong but I think this bill goes too far.

For instance....Mr. Franklin wants all miscarriages to be investigated unless they occurred in the presence of a doctor. So in other words, if you miscarry at home, you could be investigated and you would have to prove that you did nothing to cause that miscarriage. If you took a sleeping pill or if you had a glass of wine then you would have to prove that neither of those things caused you to lose your baby...or you could be charged with murder.
Absolutely out of his freakin' mind. Such as it apparently is.

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anonymous jane said...

Have you heard that he doesn't believe in rape victims either? He's putting forward a bill to name them as "accusers"

I am fearful for the people in Georgia. Someone get this abomination out of office !