Saturday, February 26, 2011

A bike I have no personal knowledge of

Something I ran across at the bike show last weekend, a Ural Patrol:
Not just a sidecar, a two-rear-wheel-drive bike; there's a driveshaft that delivers power to the sidecar wheel. The one I saw was a 2003, here's some specs on a later model.

I'll throw in that the one on sale had been fixed up in more military trim: slotted headlight cover, a RPK(semi) on a pivot mount on the sidecar, etc. Be an interesting thing to drive around, and with the off-road tires would probably do quite well in bad terrain.

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Mattexian said...

I'd love to have one myself! Ive been drooling over them for a few years now, but they sure are proud of them. It'd be great for me to take the dogs along for a ride, and it'd get better mileage than the car or truck, especially once it's broken in and had the carbs redone.