Friday, February 25, 2011

I have to note that on the CBS news page where I found

the Obama quote on 'stability', on the sidebar there's a 'Charlie Sheen is dating -' piece.

Why the hell is this considered news? I mean, if they had a 'Charlie Sheen found dead from heart attack/overdose/protecting herself girlfriend' or whatever, THAT would be of slight news interest, but this crap on what celebritute he's currently boinking?


Mattexian said...

Ya gotta wonder why their news branch even cares, since the entertainment division dumped him after his latest antics. I thought it interesting that he went on Alex Jones' show to get his rant out, comparing himself to an F-18; yeah, I'm thinking the part with a bad crash and burn at the end, tho.

Firehand said...

More like what's left after the C&B