Monday, September 27, 2010

The joys of our *)(#)!!! canine friends

The frame and trim on the back door's needed scraping and painting for a while; job planned on but just kept being forgotten. Then last night, whilst sitting here looking at something I heard a godawful grinding/tearing noise. Ran to the back door to see Security Staff Jr. looking in at me.

Ok, him doing that would NOT make that noise, so went out back and- DAMMIT! YOU LITTLE BLEEP!" The little bastard had not just chewed on the bottom of the molding, he'd actually broken a piece off!

So this morning I got to go find a piece of matching molding(happily I DID find a match), get the damaged piece off, scrape the frame and trim and then prime it all, put the new trim on, second coat of prime, then later the first coat of paint. Looks great, and I informed the little shit that if I caught him nosing it again I'd do horrible things to him.

Don't know if he believed me, but he'd better.


Anonymous said...

Years ago we adopted a German Shepherd/Husky/Border Collie and God-knows-what-else little mongrel.

She ate everything - including my Koss Pro 4A headset, the ottoman for my chair, and a 5-pound bag of sweet potatoes (she had gas and crapped orange for a week thereafter).

Her crowning achievement came one day when the wife was having a Tupperware party. We put her in the laundry room in the basement. She howled and moaned for hours. When we finally went to get her, we found that she'd eaten away one side of and inner core of a hollow-core door. Took us more than 2 hours to tweeze all the splinters from her lips, tongue, and gums.

Fire said...

Aren't they just wonderful?