Thursday, September 30, 2010

Two things in particular jump out at me*

on this:
Four-year-old Mercedes, a Rottweiler mix, is the latest dog shot and killed by police in Prince George's County.
Do these clowns have a quota? Or a contest going on?

But Barlow was arrested and charged with multiple crimes, including insulting an officer. Police say the officer acted appropriately when shooting the dog.
"insulting an officer"? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Is that an actual law, or these clowns pulling an ordinance out of their ass?

Oh, hell, let's make it three:
Police spent hours Wednesday searching for the full police report. Around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, police called ABC 7 News on the phone and confirmed that an officer did shoot and kill the dog out of self defense.
How the HELL can they manage to screw things up so bad that it takes HOURS for them to find the damned report?

The Prince George's County branch of the Maryland Stasi; carrying on the sucky tradition.

Pointed out by Rob, who has this helpful illustration:

*I mean besides these idiots with badges shooting ANOTHER dog, apparently without need.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if this means we now need to own two dogs - the dog we like and want to spend time with, and the "target dog" for police to shoot. Maybe there's a market for very realistic-looking artificial dogs to act as bullet magnets for cops.

Anonymous said...

It took them six hours of drinking coffee and eating donuts(in celebration of having wacked another dog) and one hour for them to all get the story straight on how the dog was threatening the po-po from its back yard...