Thursday, September 30, 2010

If this is correct, we know two things:

first, Stuxnet is even more nasty than previous reports indicated, and
second, the mullahs are screwed. And scared.
None of the foreign experts has so far come forward because Tehran refuses to provide precise information on the sensitive centers and systems under attack and give the visiting specialists the locations where they would need to work.(would YOU go under those conditions?) They were not told whether they would be called on to work outside Tehran or given access to affected sites to study how they function and how the malworm managed to disable them. Iran also refuses to give out data on the changes its engineers have made to imported SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, mostly from Germany.
How the HELL do they expect anyone to do anything under those conditions? They're so worried about not telling any body anything that they can't even get anyone to say "I'll look at it."
The impression debkafile sources gained Wednesday, Sept. 29 from talking to European computer experts approached for aid was that the Iranians are getting desperate. Not only have their own attempts to defeat the invading worm failed, but they made matters worse: The malworm became more aggressive and returned to the attack on parts of the systems damaged in the initial attack
Now that is a serious bug.

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Some interesting commentary from Bruce Schneier if anyone is interested?