Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Every time some miserable excuse for a lawman such as DEA Agent Timothy McCue

does something like this, and- in some ways worse- other cops help cover it up and prosecute the victim, it makes it that much harder for good cops to do their jobs; if you know- not suspect, KNOW- that corrupt cops will cover up for each other this way, and the Department will help in the coverup, how are you supposed to trust them?

Why SHOULD you trust them?

Instead, Police Officer Robert Lane told Bowling he was going to jail because DEA agents “do pretty much whatever they want,” the judge wrote.
This kind of shit cannot be tolerated if you want people to have any respect for the agencies and their members, and yet go read what happened to the people involved in the coverup as opposed to what happened to the honest cop who worked against it.
McCue is still a DEA agent, a spokesperson said. The DEA and federal attorneys representing the agency declined comment. They said they are still studying the ruling.
When 'studying the ruling' seems to mean "How do we keep him on the job despite what he did?", why the hell should we trust them to tell the truth and do right? About anything?

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harp1034 said...

Having dealt with federal agents in past employment I can say that the DEA are the most arrogant of them all.