Thursday, April 15, 2010

That's better

Having spent a good chunk of yesterday outside, I can now face some of the news. Like, remember the post the other day noting what the New York Effing Times was planning as their next piece of treason?
In a follow-up to my story this morning and my ongoing series about the CIA’s vicious war on the Department of Defense that is partly being waged in the pages of the nation’s major newspapers, the Washington Post is reporting that the CIA’s Deputy Director, Stephen Kappes will “retire” and be replaced by career Agency man Michael Morell.
While I have been adverse to mentioning Kappes by name, when I was informed last night that the CIA had leaked to the New York Times the names of Americans covertly providing Force Protection to our troops in Afghanistan and that the Times was going to run with those names, I couldn’t hold back any longer.

As the Agency has blindly followed what has become known as the “Kappes Doctrine” it has made mistake after mistake after mistake; all underscored by the horrible F.O.B. Chapman attack, one of its most deadly. Something tells me that there won’t be anyone baking any cakes for Mr. Kappes’ sendoff
Lamppost, rope, bureaucrat... And, looking at other posts this guy has made, here's yet another reason a lot of the treacherous shits at CNN ought to be on the list:
On Wednesday, CNN’s Pentagon correspondent, Barbara Starr reported on multiple, highly sensitive documents that had been “provided” to CNN and which detail valuable, strategic intelligence gathered by the Department of Defense in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

It should come as no surprise that Starr made sure to highlight all of the juicy details. She not only revealed U.S. knowledge of a covert meeting between Hamid Karzai’s brother and Mullah Baradar (a top Taliban leader who was later arrested in Pakistan), as well as a secret audio message played to Taliban commanders from reclusive Taliban leader, Mullah Omar, but she went on to inform the entire world that the United States has a safe house in Kabul (used by members of the Haqqani terror network) currently under surveillance. Great work Barbara!

Do these clowns at all realize what damage they're doing, or do they just not fucking care?

Dick has a link to pictures from the big quake in China.

If this holds up, cancer treatment just took a big friggin' leap forward; having lost and almost lost some people to cancer, damn glad to read of this.

So Obama is amused by tax-day protests, and thinks we should thank him for 'lowering taxes'... Interesting that he thinks a lie like that will fly, and that he's 'amused'. As Ace says, wonder how long before 'amused' turns to 'insulting and threatening'?

Speaking of Obama & Co., the crashers tried, but it didn't work.

Message to the Stupid Party: "We're not working for you."

Volcano in Iceland, flights all over Europe grounded by the ash cloud. And here in OK, been a number of quakes registered lately; many listed here.

That's it for now, food and tea calls.


Anonymous said...

Re: The ash cloud. An airhead news reader (Redundancy Alert) in Seattle's King 5 TV News stated that the flight cancellations were because pilots couldn't see while in the ash cloud. No mention of the tons of highly abrasive volcanic glass sucked into engines resulting in engine failure or the fact that airliners routinely fly in clouds, fog and at night when visibility is limited to non existent.

But, in her favor, she is very pretty and has splendid ta-tas.

Gerry N.

Firehand said...

"I may be a moron, but I'm hot!"