Saturday, April 17, 2010

Remember the Lower Merion school district and the laptop cameras?

The system that Lower Merion school officials used to track lost and stolen laptops wound up secretly capturing thousands of images, including photographs of students in their homes, Web sites they visited, and excerpts of their online chats, says a new motion filed in a suit against the district.

More than once, the motion asserts, the camera on Robbins' school-issued laptop took photos of Robbins as he slept in his bed. Each time, it fired the images off to network servers at the school district.

Back at district offices, the Robbins motion says, employees with access to the images marveled at the tracking software. It was like a window into "a little LMSD soap opera," a staffer is quoted as saying in an e-mail to Carol Cafiero, the administrator running the program.

"I know, I love it," she is quoted as having replied
Except that this computer, for instance wasn't stolen; now they're saying The district has said it turned on the camera in Robbins' computer because his family had not paid the $55 insurance fee and he was not authorized to take the laptop home.
Well, then why weren't there phone calls to the kids parents saying "We need it back"? If this crap was solely to track missing computers, once they knew where it was, why keep taking pictures? And those two quotes above make it plain that 'tracking stolen laptops' may have been the excuse, but it's bullshit: they enjoyed peeking in on these kids and kept doing it.

Dirtbags. Who demand respect from the kids and wonder why they don't get it.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a bunch of happy pedophiles to me. Gee, I wonder which party (and which union) they are members of???