Tuesday, April 13, 2010

All these people discovering, apparently with astonishment,

that Obama isn't the wonder he painted himself as.
I weep as I witness outrageous verbal attacks on Israel. What makes these verbal assaults and distortions all the more painful is that they are being orchestrated by President Obama.
Well, Mr. Koch, if you'd bothered to pay attention to all the stuff dragged out about Obama on blogs and talk radio- you'd have had to get it there because the sorry excuses for reporters known as 'journalists' did their best to ignore and cover it all up- you'd have known what was coming.

But it was just so much more fun and popular to praise The One and expect him to be something other than his past indicated he was; so now you're all upset that Obama is acting like what his past said he would be.

Would've been nice if you'd bothered about this BEFORE the election.

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Anonymous said...

Zero sympathy here for koch and the rest of those "useful idiots"
(in the full extent of the meaning) who stuffed their fingers in their ears and closed their eyes to elect this self-declared "black man" president.
In fact, I hope most of them are in whichever city gets sacrificed on the alter of obumble's latest destroy America policy.