Monday, April 12, 2010

About the gun show

First, had about as many vendors as usual. Maybe a few less; hard to tell and I didn't think to ask. Friend gunsmith had a space and I spent most of the show helping take care of it.

Second, attendance was WAY down, especially Sunday. Usually, on Saturday, you can't see more than, oh, two aisles away because there's too many people; you could see quite a ways. Sunday, a whole lot fewer than that.

Fortunately(for myself) the guys with all the double-rifles weren't there, so I wasn't forced to carry a drool cup with me. Lots of the usual stuff, lots of interesting stuff coming through. Primers and most ammo were in good supply, even on Sunday; brass & bullets, not so. One company, Blue Star, carries almost every kind of brass & bullet you can think of; they were out of all .380 brass and a number of others, with no idea when they'd get any in; same for some bullets.

One guy showed me a Winchester 1897 shotgun with a damascus barrel. Some wear, as to be expected*, but in quite good shape; lovely thing that'll restore beautifully. I also found out that most of those barrels, and a lot of British damascus barrels, are nitro-proofed and quite safe to use modern ammo in.

And now I have to put away all the crap sitting in the living room, and take care of some other stuff.

*The things were made as using tools, and used they were. Which is why so many have no finish, and some are flat worn out.

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Titan Mk6B said...

Well crap. If I had thought I would have figured you would be at the show and I could have looked you up. Maybe next time