Thursday, April 01, 2010

Remember the chicken Rep. Tim Ryan(Democrat Socialist-OH)

who cancelled because of 'security concerns'?
UPDATE: The town hall wasn't the only cancellation for Brave Sir Ryan this week:

About one dozen protesters. many of them carrying signs, was apparently all it took to cancel Congressman Tim Ryan's appearance at the Youngstown Community Health Center Tuesday.

A spokesman for Ryan said there were security concerns, calling it "obviously a significant issue."

Although spokesman Pat Lowry mentioned no specific threats being made at the event, he also said that wasn't the only reason Ryan was a no show.


Bob S. said...

Many of the politicians have Secret Service or other armed protection available.

Should we, as private citizens, not meet with them because we are concerned about our safety?

I demand equality....if they want us to disarm, then they need to disarm themselves and their security.

At home and in the Capital.

If they aren't doing anything wrong,they have nothing to fear, right?

GuardDuck said...

Hmm, a politician that won't meet with his constituents. That pretty much meets the working definition of taxation without representation.