Monday, March 29, 2010

And the illegal aliens are once again demanding special consideration

School districts would be asked to submit an annual report, detailing the number of non-citizen students and describing how that impacts the quality of education provided to legal students.

Some worry illegal immigrant parents will keep their kids out of school for fear of being deported.

"Their intent is to kick them out using their kids. They're going to hurt the kids and go through them to depart the parents," worries Franco Cevallos.

On the other hand, the bill's supporters say their goal is far from sinister.

"We just want to see how much money is being spent on people who are not citizens of Oklahoma," said Rep. Sally Kern.

The bill passed through the house by a comfortable margin earlier this month
Well, guess what? You're here illegally, you SHOULD be worried about being thrown out BECAUSE YOU'RE BREAKING THE LAW. Whining that your kids might be counted? That we might figure out just how much money is being used on illegal aliens? Screw you.

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Anonymous said...

If you look at it correctly, we are probably doing the illegal's kids a big favor keeping them out of our cruddy schools.

In a generation, there may be more Hispanic lawyers, doctors, etc than anglos, all because of the educational advantage of not being forced to sit in boring classes, listening to politically correct BS, reading dumbed-down textbooks, and obeying stupid rules forbidding pocketknives and aspirin.

Where else but America would we bestow such a generous gift to the children of illegal immigrants?

They might someday set up a completely separate school system, and fight for accreditation, complaining about the standards being too low. Maybe they will repay us by taking OUR kids and teaching them how to read, write, cipher, and maybe even earn a living.