Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This is one of those "Was looking here, which led to this, which led to..."

While looking at the Advice Goddess, ran across a post where she pointed to this post which led to this book, which I want to read. In the post he quotes a long section from early in the book, of which I have this excerpt:
But one post marked a turning point. A vegan flushed out his idea to keep animals from being killed—not by humans, but by other animals. Someone should build a fence down the middle of the Serengeti, and divide the predators from the prey. Killing is wrong and no animals should ever have to die, so the big cats and wild canines would go on one side, while the wildebeests and zebras would live on the other. He knew the carnivores would be okay because they didn’t need to be carnivores. That was a lie the meat industry told. He’d seen his dog eat grass: therefore, dogs could live on grass.

No one objected. In fact, others chimed in. My cat eats grass, too, one woman added, all enthusiasm. So does mine! someone else posted. Everyone agreed that fencing was the solution to animal death.

Note well that the site for this liberatory project was Africa. No one mentioned the North American prairie, where carnivores and ruminants alike have been extirpated for the annual grains that vegetarians embrace. But I’ll return to that in Chapter 3.

I knew enough to know that this was insane. But no one else on the message board could see anything wrong with the scheme. So, on the theory that many readers lack the knowledge to judge this plan, I’m going to walk you through this
And she does.

Yeah, my dog eats grass. She also kills and eats birds she catches in the garden. And if she ever gets that squirrel... That there are people out there who actually believe a carnivore like a lion or leopard can just switch over to greens and survive is- that's so friggin' stupid there are no real words for it.


Anonymous said...

Years ago my daughter was going with a doofus vegan (redundancy alert!) who proposed the same thing. I pointed out that carnivores only eat grass to clear their guts of hair swallowed while grooming. Also that the herbivores benefitted from the meat eaters taking the weak, injured and sick, thus keeping the herd healthy. The fact that he was upset by wolve's messy table manners was irrelevant, as was he. Andrea dumped his stupid ass soon after. She told me later she was tired of looking after him, as he was always sickly and weak. He gave up veganism when a doc at a walk in clinic told him he had a potentially lethal vitamin deficiency disease and the cheapest, fastest way to cure it was to eat a well rounded diet including dairy, eggs, and meat. Or he could just go on as he was and die in pain in a few months, his choice and the doc didn't really care, he had patients with: A. Problems they weren't knowingly causing themselves. And B: Functioning brains.

Gerry N.

RobC said...

The vegan diet actually causes brain deficiencies... literally a dumbing diet.