Monday, March 29, 2010

And these clowns wonder why so many don't trust them

During the two day trial, Banks testified that he felt comfortable carrying a handgun for protection because of his Army training and understanding of gun laws. Even though firearms carried openly in belt holsters are not considered concealed according to California Penal Code, Banks testified that he took the already visible belt holster off his hip and placed it further up on the driver’s seat against the armrest to ensure his unloaded gun was completely visible as he drove.

A sergeant and two officers from the San Francisco Police Department testified at the trial. Police also submitted photographs of Banks’ gun partially wedged into the corner of his seat. During cross examination by Lopez, however, the sergeant admitted that the photographs were taken after he had handled the gun and placed it in that position.
Tampering with evidence, and lying in sworn statements? Lousy excuses for lawmen should be fired. And prosecuted.

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Anonymous said...

Any half competent defense attorneys should file appeals on behalf of any persons convicted using this now proven perjurer's testimony. That should tie up the Kalifornicatoria Korts for a while.

Gerry N.