Thursday, April 01, 2010

A variety of shooty stuff, starting off with good customer service from Remington

Last week I wrote of contacting Remington about their bulk-pack Golden Bullet ammo being a bit inconsistent; they wrote back and sent a shipping label: "Please pack up in the original box, put these stickers on and send it to us and we'll test it." Today I got a letter from them, detailing what they found:
A priming problem on some of the shells.
Some cases may have had a scratch from the forming die that caused them to split on firing(Wow! I hadn't seen any of those; if I had, I'd have really freaked).
So they not only answered me, they did serious tests and found the problems. And they're making it right. Good for Remington.

Ran a little over 100 rounds through the 15-22, no failures or problems: so far, so good.

A while back I lucked into a clearance at a store on Limbsaver slip-on recoil pads and got one. I took it and the 1903 Springfield and some ball ammo along: that is the best recoil pad I've ever used, well worth their price(the regular, at the clearance worth well over what I paid).

The M1 Garand continues to function well with the cast-bullet loads. I've decided that until I can mount a scope on it, I'm going to have to call the sometimes-iffy accuracy at 100 yards my fault; I'm just not as good with iron sights as I used to be.

A while back I picked up some of the Yugoslav 8mm heavy ball ammo, and tried it out today; that stuff's not bad at all. Recoil is definitely heavier than with light ball, I'd not like shooting a whole bunch of it in one day.

And I still love that Martini Model 12; it's one of those guns that make it easy to shoot well.


YeOldFurt said...

What size Limbsaver did you use on the 03? Does it work with the Garand?

Firehand said...

The only ones they had were medium; it's a bit small, but does work. And yeah, works on the Garand, too.

Large wouldn't fit quite as tight, but would more completely cover the buttplate.

James R. Rummel said...

Thanks for the info on Remington customer service.

MauserMedic said...

I've gotten quite a bit of the Yugo 8mm from the '50s. Great ammo, but definitely needs a substantial whack to the primer compared to most of the other surplus I've shot.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how old you are. Updating my bifocal prescription changed my pistol shooting from 4" groups at 15' to 4" groups at 50'.

Firehand said...

And some of the Yugo comes on really good strippers.

Have my eyes checked every year, that's one thing I do keep up with. May need to ask about some glasses more optimized for the purpose.