Monday, March 29, 2010

Quick Medieval Fair report

from your roving correspondentIt was downright strange not to have a booth to work. I saw actual, complete shows! I saw the whole fair! I don't think I'd done either of those in years. Among the other things seen,
Open carry
Ambulatory foliage
Cultural exhibits
and Musicians & Singers

Weather this year: Windy as hell and cool Friday; Saturday started beautiful and then around noon went cloudy, wet, cold and windy; Sunday somewhat windy and cool to chilly up until afternoon, when it warmed a bit.

Kind of nice to actually see the whole place, although it was really weird to walk past the empty spot where I used to be set up.


martywd said...
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Fire said...

Would it be breaking some cardinal rule if you told me what you've got on under that kilt? ;) Or shall I do a blindfolded seek-n-find?

Firehand said...

Stockings and shoes

Fire said...

Oh, what you do to me!