Thursday, November 12, 2009

Insty pointed to an article titled Face it: the Democratic Party

is not for women. Basically, long rant about how allowing the Stupak amendment is 'an attack on reproductive rights'. So I went and took a look.

Ok. So an amendment saying 'The Federal Government can't take money away from other people to pay for your abortion' is 'an attack on reproductive freedom'. Uh huh.

This may be hard for some to understand, but you don't have a right to rob other people to pay for something for yourself. Period. The fact that you think you have a right to take money from others to pay for your abortion indicates you think you're owed. And I've got news for you: you're not.


Anonymous said...

See, here's the thing.

If health care is a right (it demonstrably isn't, but that's the claim).

And if abortion is nothing more than a medical procedure as a part of health care.

Then it follows that abortion SHOULD be paid for by taxpayers. Since when do we have to pay to exercise our rights (well...other than the one protected by the Second Amendment, that is...but that one doesn't count because it's icky)?

Also, everyone knows that the "public option" and the new regulations governing coverage are going to put commercial health insurance providers out of business...I mean...that's the whole POINT.

When the government plan is the only plan available, if it doesn't cover abortion, how will these women exercise their right to "control their bodies"?

You are asking women who can't grasp the concept that "control of your body" ended at the point that they choose to participate in the act that results in becoming responsible for the life of another, to realize that they should have to foot the bill for the action necessary for them to avoid the consequences of their decisions themselves?

Fat chance.

Firehand said...

What really makes my skin crawl? More than other things here, I mean? The way so many of these people have come to consider abortion just another method of birth control.