Thursday, November 12, 2009

If this Obamacare scheme is so damned good,

why do they have to threaten to jail you if you don't take part?
Stone: Do you think it’s fair to send people to jail who don’t buy health insurance?
Pelosi: … The legislation is very fair in this respect.
I heard the audio earlier; he asked three times as I recall and never got an actual answer from this bitch.
Back to this leftist insistence that we're all paranoid to even think this way, to even define "freedom" in an antique, right-wing fashion, meaning "stuff you are permitted to do or not do without penalty and coercion from the state:" It is especially risible to me, in gallows-humor way, that the left continues to call us lunatics for fretting about increasing state control and increasing state coercion and increasing state outlawing of previously-legal behavior and freedoms even as, in their very first bill out of the socialist box, they propose jailing Americans for engaging in unobjectionable behavior which no one ever before dreamt of being a crime.

Right out of the box. The state here -- Pelosi, Reid, Obama -- are claiming that they can imprison people for behavior that has never before even been hinted as being a crime, on the theory that such behavior constitutes unpatriotic economic behavior which is detrimental to the state's balance sheets.

Think about what a broad, all-encompassing term "economics" is. 80% of our waking hours are spent in economic activity of one sort or another. The state here is asserting the right to imprison people for behavior they consider not actually morally reprehensible or harmful as other crimes are, but instead merely detrimental to the Great Push Forward, the state's master plan of economic health and well-being.

"Fascism, as they say, tends to come with a smiling face, and there's hardly a face more surgically stretched into smiles than Nancy Pelosi's, quite chipper and blithe as she proposes that she will begin filling America's prisons with a whole new category of criminal, the economic saboteur."

Cartoon thanks to Theo

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Windy Wilson said...

My neighbor across the street is a flaming leftist who found nothing wrong with the behavior of Hugo Chavez who is just "trying to do what's best for his country". I really shut her up when she was ranting about GB II and I told her that the country has been fascist for a number of years now. She is so devoid of critical thought that she never asked me what I meant by Fascist. She only knows it is something, as George Orwell said, that it's something very, very bad.