Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Right at the moment, I'm of the mind that every FBI, Army and any other 'intelligence'

or LE agency who knew about the murderer Hasan's contacts should be fired. And possibly hanged, seeing as how they've turned out to be accomplices to mass murder.
Army officials strongly deny any suggestion that Hasan's religion resulted in his being given special treatment. But one officer who attended the Pentagon's medical school with Hasan disagrees. "He was very vocal about being a Muslim first and holding Sharia law above the Constitution," this officer recalled. When fellow students asked, "How can you be an officer and hold to the Constitution?," the officer said, Hasan would "get visibly upset — sweaty and nervous — and had no good answers." This medical doctor would only speak anonymously because his commanders have ordered him not to talk about Hasan, he said.

This officer said he was so surprised when Hasan gave a talk about "the war on terror being a war on Islam" that he asked the lieutenant colonel running the course what Hasan's presentation had to do with health care. "I raised my hand and asked, `Why are you letting this go on — this has nothing to do with environmental health.' The course director said, `I'm just going to let him go.'" The topic of Hasan's presentation, the officer says, had been approved in advance by the lieutenant colonel
So let's add to the list officers who knew this bastard was doing things he shouldn't and didn't have the integrity or balls to officially say or do anything.

WASHINGTON – Finger-pointing erupted between federal agencies Tuesday over Fort Hood shooting suspect Nidal Hasan. Government officials said a Defense Department terrorism investigator looked into Hasan's contacts with a radical imam months ago, but a military official denied prior knowledge of the Army psychiatrist's contacts with any Muslim extremists.
"Don't blame US, WE didn't know anything about this! It was somebody else's fault!"
The assessment concluded Hasan did not merit further investigation — in large part because his communications with the imam were centered on a research paper about the effects of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan and the investigator determined that Hasan was in fact working on such a paper, the officials said.
And, of course, it never occurred to these clowns to wonder why, in researching such a paper, he'd contact an imam who preaches death to and murder of American troops and Americans in general... Sure, first guy he'd contact; after all, this bastard offspring of a rabid pig was counseling American troops, so why wouldn't he contact someone who wants us all dead for research 'about the effects of combat' ?

Of course, we also have idiotic statements like Hasan has not been formally charged but officials plan to charge him in military court, not a civilian one, a choice that suggests his alleged actions are not thought to have emanated from a terrorist organization. He could face the death penalty. Hey, moron, how 'bout a military court because he was/is a serving military officer? You jackass.

The fact is, we've got a bunch of politicians and people in influential groups who'd rather see more of us dead than admit that being muslim does indeed represent a serious data point in watching out for these murderers. And lots of politicians in uniform who'll do just about anything to keep said politicians happy; that seeming to be far more important to them than, say, the lives of fellow soldiers.

Can we borrow some parts of the Tower of London for a while? Assuming the equipment still works.

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wolfwalker said...

And possibly hanged, seeing as how they've turned out to be accomplices to mass murder.

On the same wavelength we are.

Actually, they're more than accomplices. Several states have a more applicable charge: "depraved indifference to human life." Most of them prosecute it at the same level as wilful murder. Not accomplice, not conspiracy, not manslaughter or some other lesser charge. Wilful murder.