Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Well, one of the lessons we can learn

is to tell people like Michael T. McPhearson just how full of shit they are. War is taking a heavy physical and mental toll on our troops. The physical injury is easier to see. The mental wounds are many times invisible until it is too late. It is not a new lesson. We saw social and political questions deteriorate unit cohesion of our military forces in the Vietnam War. and so freaking on. Hey, McPhearson, this asshole had never been in the field! He'd been treated with special consideration every damned step of the way, so piss off, asshole.

And, of course, Zogby: After providing support for survivor families, an immediate concern that must be addressed is how best to secure the vision of a diverse military so eloquently articulated by the President and General Casey.
Got that? The 'immediate concern' is 'diversity'. Not weeding out the jihadi dirtbags, oh no. Screw you too, Zogby.

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