Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yeah, THIS'LL scare the Democrat Party

It's really more of a "pause," than a boycott. Boycotts sounds so final, and angry. Whereas this campaign is temporary, and is only meant to help some friends - President Obama and the Democratic party - who have lost their way. We are hopeful that via this campaign, our friends will keep their promises.

Then you get to the FAC, and 'Won't this help the Republicans?':
We are not calling for a boycott of donations to the DNC. We are simply calling for a pause until the party follows through on its campaign promise to repeal DADT and DOMA, and pass ENDA
So it's not a boycott, they're just calling it that. And they'll punish the Democrats by not giving them the money now.

Got a question: do they actually believe Obama gives a damn about them and their concerns?

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