Saturday, September 05, 2009

These idiots have caused the word 'racism*" to have no meaning

with stupid and/or bigoted garbage like this:
A liberal blog is reacting angrily to news that schools in Manchester, Somersworth and Rollinsford have decided not to participate in President Barack Obama’s speech to every student in America., a small but influential blog with ties to the state Democratic party, says the schools are not participating because the president is black.

Several state Democratic lawmakers contribute to and Democratic State Chairman Ray Buckley, who called tea partiers “an unhinged mob,” is a regular writer on the site. In fact, Buckley posted his own angry reaction to the schools’ decision just prior to the story suggesting opposition to President Obama is based on race:

That seems to be the Democrat and 'progressive' response to any criticism of The Obama- and any of this staff- anymore, "You only say that because YOU'RE A RACIST!!" Which word, over the last decade or so, has lost much of the upset it used to cause precisely due to every crooked politician, bigoted preacher and RWPP out there answering getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar with "They're only after me because I'm black!"** I'm waiting for Rep. Charles Rangel(Corrupt Beyond Knowledge-NY) to claim people are only paying attention to his tax dodges and 'forgetting' fortunes because they hate people of dark skin.

And so many of these morons seeing racism! around every corner have succeeded; many are wealthy. To borrow two paragraphs,
Think about this. Van Jones is a Yale Law School graduate (just like Glenn Reynolds) who according to a 2005 interview, had already landed a D.C. job after graduation but instead decided to move to the San Francisco area to become involved in a radical protest movement. He subsequently received a Rockfeller Foundation fellowship and, eventually, landed a "czar" job at the White House.

And yet, somehow, despite all his success, this Ivy League-educated Fortunate Son sees nothing but misery and oppression everywhere. Am I the only one who finds this bizarre?

*McCain reminds us that for full formality there are five a's in raaaaacism!
**Most of the slimeballs who pull this seem to be black; it can also be found in use by people of other colors, and various religions. Which makes no sense because your religion isn't a race, but they like it anyway.

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