Sunday, August 30, 2009

Since I'm sick to death of the ass-kissing of Ted Kennedy's corpse

let us remember some of the Wonderful Work the bastard did:
One of the documents, a KGB report to bosses in the Soviet Communist Party Central Committee, revealed that "In 1978, American Sen. Edward Kennedy requested the assistance of the KGB to establish a relationship" between the Soviet apparatus and a firm owned by former Sen. John Tunney (D.-Calif.). KGB recommended that they be permitted to do this because Tunney's firm was already connected with a KGB agent in France named David Karr...

Another KGB report to their bosses revealed that on March 5, 1980, John Tunney met with the KGB in Moscow on behalf of Sen. Kennedy. Tunney expressed Kennedy's opinion that "nonsense about 'the Soviet military threat' and Soviet ambitions for military expansion in the Persian Gulf . . . was being fueled by [President Jimmy] Carter, [National Security Advisor Zbigniew] Brzezinski, the Pentagon and the military industrial complex."

Kennedy offered to speak out against President Carter on Afghanistan. Shortly thereafter he made public speeches opposing President Carter on this issue
...The KGB reported "in Kennedy's opinion the opposition to Reagan remains weak. Speeches of the President's opponents are not well-coordinated and not effective enough, and Reagan has the chance to use successful counterpropaganda." Kennedy offered to "undertake some additional steps to counter the militaristic, policy of Reagan and his campaign of psychological pressure on the American population."

And let us not forget his betrayal of allies:
Ted Kennedy led the movement in 1973 to deny U.S. assistance to the pro-American government in Saigon, abandoning a U.S. ally to whom leaders of his own party — remember JFK and LBJ? — had solemnly pledged our support. The result? Not only the communist conquest of South Vietnam, and the exodus of thousands of desperate refugees, but also the collateral damage in neighboring Cambodia, bringing to power the Marxist maniac Pol Pot. The infamous “killing fields” — the mountains of skulls of innocent civilians slaughtered by the brutal Khmer Rouge death squads — there is the legacy of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.

I think that counts as treason. The real thing. And even with him dead, the major media and all the liberal boobs just can't stop sucking up to his memory.

The parts they WANT to remember, anyway.


smitty1e said...

Do you ever listen to Helmet?

Firehand said...

Neg, hadn't heard of them. I'll take a listen