Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gun show was ok, and some of the news sucks.

This show used to be bigger, but it was still bigger than most of them the last few years. And the last year or so, worse since last November, a lot of people have really insane ideas of the value of their firearms. Really looking forward to Tulsa. As to the news...

Soldiers are being told they cannot train with live ammunition unless they are due to go to Afghanistan, according to reports.

Ministry of Defence cutbacks mean that troops are being issue with blank rounds, which cost about 10p, instead of live rounds which cost about 30p. The MoD said the "ever-improving quality" of computer simulation had also reduced the need for live fire training.

Sources told The Sunday Times that the ban would affect everyone in the Territorial Army and also some regular Army units
Be it said, simulators are very handy, and definitely have their uses; there is no way in hell they can take the place of live-fire training. Period. But when has that little fact ever bothered politicians, especially socialist ones?
An officer told the newspaper: "We've been told we cannot fire live rounds unless we are going to Afghanistan. How on earth is a professional soldier supposed to be able to keep up with his skills like that?

"It is absolutely wretched. It is a total farce."

Where have we heard similar things before? Oh yeah, when Clinton was President, and most units were only allowed to do live-fire training once a year because there was no funding allowed to replace the ammo.

In news of socialized medicine in (fG)Britain,
Nursing leaders have defended the profession, insisting that while poor care can never be excused only a small minority of staff were involved and that part of the blame lay with heavy workloads and staff shortages.

But nurses have admitted that in some cases patients are suffering appalling treatment on wards.

Maureen Hamilton, who has been a nurse for more than 40 years, said that the standards of care “would shame a third world country”, particularly on wards looking after the elderly
Isn't that something to look forward to?

Ah, yes, the caringness of our politicians; you know, the ones who don't want to actually face or hear from the voters?
I’ve watched this video a couple of times, and I still can’t figure out why the police took this man out of the room. He was actually less disruptive than the woman behind him. He challenged Shea-Porter on the appearance of SEIU protesters in the room, one of whom got up and disrupted his question. When the first man then challenged the residency of the SEIU rep, police swooped in and removed him.

According to Now Hampshire, they removed the man because he didn’t get a Golden Ticket to allow him to speak at the meeting:

Did they come with chocolate bars?

Obama supporters continue to commit assault:
The Tucson area Tea Party Coalition held a meeting at Rincon High School in Tucson this weekend. Over 1,000 people showed up at the event... including one violent counter-protester.

The pro-Obama thug disrupted the meeting screaming-- marched to the front of the room holding a sign------
And, then SLAMMED AN ATTENDEE IN THE FACE with his elbow!

Barack Obama's close family friend Bill Ayers dedicated his 1960's communist manifesto Prairie Fire to Robert F. Kennedy's killer Sirhan Sirhan:
Ayers mentions Obama by name in a book he wrote in 1997, and mentions that the two are very close neighbors. Obama gave a short glowing review of that same Ayers book for the Chicago Tribune.

Donna S. noted the dark irony from yesterday's funeral:

I find it ironic that Obama gave a eulogy for Ted Kennedy when Obama's friend, Bill Ayers, dedicated his book to Sirhan Sirhan, the murderer of Bobby Kennedy.
Yeah. Kinda strange isn't it?

And let us remember three things: that the Brit government sucks, and that Obama just can't seem to support free society when there's a communist tyrant in the wings, and that these clowns just can't help themselves, even at a funeral.

Damn. I'm taking the dog to the lake. Fear not, however, since I don't have the initials TK she'll make it back.

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