Saturday, September 05, 2009

So Van Jones wants to excuse his Truther past

by claiming he's too stupid to read- or understand, one- what he was signing. To quote Dennis,
Somebody put a petition in front of Van Jones accusing the President of the United States of being complicit in a terrorist act that murders of 3,000 innocent people and he was too fucking stupid to understand what it meant?

Fine. Just fire the dumb motherfucker, Mr. President. He obviously doesn't have the brains to be running anything other than a parking lot.

These are the smart ones...

Which, unfortunately, doesn't explain this 'very brief time. Or cutting a record with this vermin who murdered a cop.

And, of course, the NAACP proves what a tool of the left it is by saying that pointing out Van Jones' own radical statements and support for communism is being "disingenuous" and "distracting."

Wonderful people the NAACP supports, wonderful who the White House has as a 'green jobs czar'.

Speaking of which, I got stuck in a lane today behind some moron in a Prius who not only seemed unable to drive the speed limit but had a sticker on the back that said "God is green". Friggin' moron.

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smitty1e said...

Why so raaaaacist?
Surely a man can be a Yale Law grad, do all these wonderful things for dudes in prison, land a job at the White House, where he's going to control lots of loot and affect the future of the country,
and yet not understand a simple petition.
No, wait: that's stupid.