Tuesday, September 01, 2009

If you've got family in or considering Duke University,

especially if they're male, you ought to look at this:
"In her interview with the Chronicle, Gregory conceded that even Duke administrators—who, as we all have come to know, are not terribly sensitive to the possibilities of fraudulent rape claims—expressed fears that the new policy (coupled, of course, with a judicial process whose procedures overwhelmingly favor the accuser) would result in an increased filing of false claims of sexual misconduct.

Gregory had no such concerns: “We’re creating an environment that says, ‘This is not tolerated in our community,’ and when you create that environment, victims are more likely to come forward and seek help.” How creating an environment that says sexual assault isn’t tolerated (as if any elite university currently has a campus environment that “tolerates” sexual assault) guards against the filing of false sexual assault claims Gregory didn’t say."

That's just a small part of this; and this is why I have categories 'Dumbass feminism' and 'PC at any cost'.

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Windy Wilson said...

What was it the founding fathers beleived? Better a hundred innocents endure false accusations of wrongdoing than one criminal go free?

Oh, you say it was "better a hundred criminals go free than one innocent man be convicted of a crime he did not commit?" I didn't realize the founding fathers were so soft on crime! Those "innocents" should sit in jail and reflect that their incarceration is an unfortunate side effect of ensuring that people feel safe!


Or should it be "Sarchasm", the gulf between those who value liberty and those who value equality of condition?