Saturday, June 06, 2009

One last D-Day post

pointing you to Blackfive, and the efforts of the Soviets and their minions to rewrite history:
At the very last display in the camp, there was a book for former prisoners to write messages in. Most were in French or Hebrew. One of the pages had been torn out by the new German historians of the camp. They had framed the page above the book. You could not miss it - that was obviously the point.

The page was written by a former prisoner who lived in Paris and had just visited the camp a few weeks before we did. It was written in French and the Germans had it translated into German and English and Russian (brilliant!). I'll never forget it.

It read:
I survived the horrors of this camp.

Now everyone can know the truth.

Patton liberated this camp, not the Russians. I was there. The Amercans saved my life.

Thank you Americans!

Not one of my sergeants spoke for a long time

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BobG said...

One of my uncles was a master sergeant who was at the liberation of Buchenwald. He said when his men saw what was happening there, some of his men wanted to start shooting the captured guards, and probably would have if he hadn't been there.