Thursday, June 04, 2009

As Uncle has asked before, why are anti-gun people

so violent?

Lots of pictures at the site, short version:
People build homes near a range that's been there many years.
People discover noise!
People try to shut range down, fail.
People vandalize range and owners home.


kahr40 said...

what a bunch of "loosers"

Windy Wilson said...

Because they know what a temper they have, and how borderline their civilized veneer and self control are, and being good leftists, believe everyone else in the world is exactly like them. They don't trust themselves with responsibility, so they only trust others who are certified by the central authority as being responsible.

Like the NKVD
The Geheime Staats Politzei
the SS
the Kempei Tai

markm said...

"Why are antigun people so violent?" That's the wrong way around. Leftists are antigun because of their own lack of self control or ethics. It's called projection.