Friday, June 05, 2009

It appears Pres. Barack Hussein Cartman Obama is only interested in

energy sources that are 'extra'-PC, and wave power doesn't count:
The Obama administration has proposed a 25 percent cut in the research and development budget for one of the most promising renewable energy sources in the Northwest — wave and tidal power.

At the same time the White House sought an 82 percent increase in solar power research funding, a 36 percent increase in wind power funding and a 14 percent increase in geothermal funding, it sought to cut wave and tidal research funding from $40 million to $30 million
Let it also be noted that he has no problem with friggin' Iran building reactors, but doesn't want any built in the US. And now this.
The decision to cut funding for tidal and wave power came only weeks after the Interior Department suggested that wave power could emerge as the leading offshore energy source in the Northwest and at a time when efforts to develop tidal power in Puget Sound are attracting national and international attention.

By some estimates, wave and tidal power could eventually meet 10 percent of the nation's electricity demand, about the same as hydropower currently delivers. Some experts have estimated that if only 0.2 percent of energy in ocean waves could be harnessed, the power produced would be enough to supply the entire world.

As the Random Nukes guy says,
If our two Senators, Patty “Osama bin Laden builds daycare centers” Murray and Maria “Can’tVoteWell” Cantwell would keep their damn eyes on the prize instead of dallying with shit our state doesn’t need attending to, this wouldn’t have happened.

Just last month a set of these power generators was OK’d to be set off in Puget Sound by Mr. Completely’s place. The things have four legs and can be moved around if a better location is discovered or if for some reason their location suddenly becomes a shipping lane. All you see is a damn buoy floating on top of the water and the fish could care less. Twice a year cleanings is the required maintenance. Hit the link for a rather well done drawing.
But noooooo, The President’s folks would rather cover the state of Nevada with solar panels that can’t be manufactured fast enough to meet his production targets and every ridge line mowed down and topped with a propeller until alien civilizations begin to wonder if they have religious significance

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martywd said...

You know the old saying:   Follow the Money.   Thus I think of the three; wind, solar, or wave power, we know who the big bucks DC lobbyists are behind.

As far as wind.   Europe has found wind generation to be a gigantic disappointment from an output/maintenance standpoint.