Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A little more on the jihadi filth murderer, and just how well

the system worked to keep an eye on him:
But Muhammad is no stranger to the FBI files. They had their hands on Bledsoe once before, detaining him in Yemen with a fake Somalian passport. However Bledsoe, a US citizen with Constitutional rights by birth, was freed to continue his personal jihad that was to end one new soldier’s life, and send to the hospital.

Why? How does that happen? Despite the hallmarks, the connections, the travels and the trails to jihad centers, and such obvious suspicious behavior, the FBI didn’t have “sufficient evidence” to meet legal demands for either a wiretap or surveillance?

What were they missing by our legal standards that prevented them for further investigation? What if this was to be more than a “hunting” expedition for Bledsoe?

They catch him in a foreign country with a fake passport, they know what he was doing there, but there's 'insufficient evidence' for wiretap or actual surveillance? Or is this another of the decisions like that which kept the investigators from getting a court order to search a laptop before 9/11; chickenshit cowardly brass that didn't want to be seen as 'insensitive' or politically incorrect? I don't now, and barring a real investigation we probably never will. If it's the latter, then the bastards responsible have blood on their hands.

And, so far as I know, the miserable bastard in the White House still has made no mention of the murder and attempted murder of troops here in the US.


martywd said...

MM has a post up now of Obama's belated and inadequate response to the shootings in Little Rock.   Obama is a real piece of work!

Firehand said...

Marty, thanks for pointing to that.

Of course, I just finished writing to my senators and rep about the link at the bottom about orders not to press investigations on 'protected species', so my blood pressure is probably not at a healthy level.