Monday, June 01, 2009

The Official First Day of Retirement from TAIDNN

pindicates that I'm not going to get much rest for a while.

Let's see, get up and take the walk I've been trying to do regularly(got to do something to keep my fat ass under control), then- since the monthly big trash pickup is Wednesday, haul all the limbs I'd pruned and couldn't chip around front. Then notice all the stuff that's grown up/out in the last while and get the ladder and loppers and so forth and whack them and drag them around... my ass was dragging by the time that was done. And there's lots and lots of little stuff around that needs doing.

Friends down in Texas, the wife used to work at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. She'd thought about retiring and working on an upgraded certification for her job, but had put it off for a while; then decided to do it. And signed her papers a day or two before the next round of layoffs was announced(sometimes, timing is everything). Last time talked to them, between studying and the house and whatever, she said "If I was still working, I don't know how I'd get half of this done!" Which is what I'm beginning to wonder.

Right now I've got some wood with the pattern laid out for routing for grips that I need to work on, and a bunch of little-stuff cleaning and neatening in the house. However, my bloody knees are aching, so here I sit. However, I shall(soon) decide to ignore the discomfort and go out and do Something Constructive(soon).

Of course, I just looked around the room and thought- again- 'I really need to neaten up this room', which is where I do my reloading among other things. Outside stuff first, before it heats up too much.

The abbreviation? Denny used to refer to where he worked as The Company I Dare Not Name until after he retired; in my case it's the Agency. Which I'll say something about later.


martywd said...

Having read your blog for a while and what with the metal working, the reloading, the shooting, the m/c, the blogging, the yard work, friends needing help and on and on ...   Ya know?   I really could not picture you in retirement _without_ enough to keep you busy!

Fire said...

You just keep going, going, and going, don't you, Mister? Impressive. Ahem.