Friday, June 26, 2009

It should be noted that birds are sneaky little bastards

who find their way under netting so they can attack my damned tomatoes.

I may borrow that suppressor-equipped rifle and convert some of them to mulch.

That is all.


Darlin' said...

Now, Firehand, let's think about this. Do you think you'll be able to live with yourself after you kill the hungry birds who would have flown off to possibly feed their young with the tomatoes you so graciously let them have? If you kill the birds, the babies will starve to death, and I think if you search yourself, (or let me do it...LOLOLOL)you'll find that you will have plenty of tomatoes for you and the birds.

(Damn, that's great!)

jed said...

Suppressed? Nah. As long as your aim is up to it (and I'm assuming short ranges in the tomato patch), subsonic .22 LR. Hell, the Remington subsonic stuff is damn quiet even coming out of my Ruger MkII.

A good air rifle can do the trick too.

Anonymous said...

My darlin' bride gave me a Gamo Delta air rifle a couple of years ago. Quiet as a cat's sneeze. It has accounted for about 250 starlings since. Nothing here eats the carcases so I got a one of those little bulb planters, put it on a hoe handle so I can get rid of 'em. All those starlings planted and not one has taken root.

Gerry N.

Darlin' said...


Firehand said...

Why yes, Darlin', I could. I've gotten exactly one so far, and the damned featherheads have pecked holes in at least four, just as they got ripe.

Well, I could use the Aguila primer-only stuff, it's just be so much cooler to whack them with a suppressed rifle.

Good shooting, Gerry. And Darlin', just think of it as a form of recycling. Or mulching.

Darlin' said...

Well, when you put it that way and call me "Darlin", what's a woman to do? ;)