Thursday, June 25, 2009

It should be noted that it's not just the Israelis that Obama is selling out;

In a lawsuit by 9/11 families, new evidence has surfaced that Saudi Arabia funds terrorism worldwide—and paid two of the hijackers—yet the Obama Justice Department wants these documents destroyed.

Documents gathered by lawyers for the families of 9/11 victims reveal new evidence of extensive Saudi financial support for al Qaeda and other extremist Muslim groups. So reports today’s New York Times. But that evidence may never see the light of day because of legal and diplomatic hurdles.
Incredibly, Obama’s Justice Department has sided with the Saudis rather than the 9/11 families. Government lawyers are urging the courts to stop any further investigation of the Saudis under the doctrine of “sovereign immunity” whereby a foreign government can’t be sued in an American court. Yet surely there should be exceptions—for example, if that government is financing some of the major terror cells around the globe. Not according to Justice’s lawyers.

Moreover, when the Justice Department learned that classified U.S. intelligence documents about Saudi financing had been leaked to the lawyers of victims' families, it demanded that these attorneys destroy the documents, and has been working hard to prevent the judge from even looking at the damning material
Yeah. "Just trust us, your honor, you don't need to actually look at the documents." Pull the other one, guys, it's got bells on.

The Bush administration failed the 9/11 families when it came to possible Saudi involvement. President Obama has talked a better game, but he has failed to deliver. In February, a month after taking office, Obama met personally with some of the victims’ families at the White House and heard their request to release a 28-page, classified section of a 2003 joint congressional inquiry into the September 11 attacks that discussed Saudi connections to the two hijackers. President Bush, at the Saudi government's request, had refused to release the pages. President Obama, according to the family representatives at the meeting, agreed to reverse that decision, but four months later they are still classified.

This past Monday, senior administration officials had a private meeting with some 9/11 family members, and repeatedly avoided answering questions about the lawsuit that has uncovered the new evidence about Saudi financing of international terror. Isn’t it time for the American president to stand with the victims of the attack rather than the House of Saud? Only by becoming an advocate for those who died in 9/11, can President Obama help reveal the truth.

There's one problem with that 'help reveal the truth' bit; I don't think President Obama wants the truth revealed. At all. It would cause problems for the king he bowed to.

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Anonymous said...

Probably talking about the Wahabi's, the religious strong-arm fanaticists who are Siamese-twinned to the Saudi royal family.
These are the fanatical Muslim few that give the rest of the Muslim world a bad name through intimidating and silencing the vast majority of average moderate Muslims.

These are the fanatical Muslim few who are spreading their hate like bindweed through an untended dirt patch, spawning such creatures as CAIR and al Quida (and many more).

If the free Western world (especially the US of A) wants to cut off the head of the world-wide terrorism Medusa snake, we need to develop our own internal oil resources, and cut off purchases of Saudi oil. That will weaken the Saudi royals & the Wahabis.

After that, who knows? With the funds dryed up, will the rest of the organization wither away? Will we (USA) have to send in covert teams to get rid of the radical mullahs and clerics? (Make it look accidental and/or an illness).

But first, we HAVE to be energy independent - and I DON'T mean unproven alternative energy, either.

B Woodman
SSG (Ret) US Army