Monday, June 22, 2009

The tale of Rafferty is happily ended,

with his now being in the new digs. And reportedly very happy about it. And the other day when I went by to get a Father's Day gift from daughter, I met Rhapsody
and this space-alien-looking thing named Xoco(pronounced Shoko, they said)
Yes, it really is as small as it looks. You'd swear that if it could lay them back right, in a really strong wind, it could fly.

"Where did THAT come from?" when I saw the first one was answered with "They needed us to take them!" So now Itzl has new friends. Which he's a little frazzled at. Who'd had their shots that day, and were dragging a bit. Dropped by today to drop something off, and they were running around playing and chasing one of the cats and generally having fun. My first thought was "You know, that little one runs and plays just like a real dog!", but I didn't say that(yes, sometimes I can keep my mouth shut).


Fire said...

OH MY GOSH! They are so freakin' CUTE!!!

Where does your daughter get all this cute pups? So both these are new to the family? Are they going to keep them? I hope so, because I want to see more pictures!

The second pup looks like a bobble head! And I love the color of the first one and it's floppy, big ears!

I need to seriously hug them like crazy!

the pistolero said...

You know, that little one runs and plays just like a real dog!...
Now that's some funny shiz-nit right there, yo.

Firehand said...

No idea where ex and daughter found them.
Yes, they're planning on keeping these, and I'll take more pics as time goes by.

They're both chihuahua, but that first one, in the face, looks like a dachshund. But both seems healthy, and the younger cat and they were chasing each other around.

When the ex got Itzl, at one point I did slip and say "He's acting just like a real dog." "He IS a real dog!"

Fire said...

OH, I'm glad. Can't wait to see more pics. Especially of the one with the floppy ears. That one is my favorite!