Monday, June 22, 2009

Comment moderation has been enabled,

because the moron hiding behind Anonymous is getting annoying enough that I don't want to put up with him.

Hey, dumbass, maybe your grandfather really died as you say; but that doesn't buy you any slack to come into somebodys living room and crap on the floor. So screw you; putting up with your bullshit is something I don't have to do.

To those who use 'anonymous' simply because they don't have an ID or something, go ahead and comment; not something that bothers me. I'm using this to screen out the jackass. Or two, as the case may be.

Added: Anonyass dumped four comments in a few minutes, including some flat nasty insulting crap, just after I turned on moderation.

Dummy, I repeat: I don't mind being disagreed with; I do mind insults and bullcrap. You might note that I said I give John McCain the respect he damn well earned for his Navy service, but that doesn't buy him any slack for his political actions. If I'm not going to give him slack for that, why would I give you any for what you claim about a member of your family?


AmericanMercenary said...

John McCain was in the Navy.

Murtha was in the Marine Corps. He is the only ex-Marine in existence.

Firehand said...

I stand corrected, post corrected.

Thanks for pointing it out.

Fire said...

Oh, the dumb ass got his feelings hurt because you blocked him, huh? Is he still nursing from his momma, or what?